Snow in MAY!

It snowed today. I am not impressed.
And I am still sick.
And Olivia is sick.
So is Owen.
And Aiden.
And my visiting Aunt.
And my mom.
Only Doug and my uncle have escaped the wrath of the spring cold.
So far.


The Hansens said…
Wow, sorry about the snow and sickness Tara! Double whammy. I've been meaning to say hi for a while. It's so sweet that you comment on my blog. Isn't it great when people read and enjoy the blogging we spend so much time on? Anyway, it's fantastic to see you and your beautiful family. I like reading what's happening in your lives too! =) I laughed out loud at your Mother's Day post because I had a similar thought about the fantasy vs. reality day for celebrating mom's... What's a mom to do though? Those pesky children still have needs even when we're supposed to be pampered! Drives me crazy! =)

Hey, I have family in Tisdale. Not church folks, but it's not such a big town that you wouldn't have a chance of knowing them. My aunt and uncle live there. Kim & Leona Althouse. Plus my cousin Pam- she has, ummm, I think 4 kids now. Anyway, small world, so you never know. If you run into them, tell them I said hello. =)

I hope you feel better soon and have a good long weekend.

Jen =)
Toni said…
How horrible! And snow too? That's awful! :(

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