The Robertson's are going to Ontario

It's official.

The Robertson family will be visiting Ontario this summer.

We will be carting our brood across the country via Air Canada for a 3 week stay out east. We will start and end in Ottawa but we are hoping to make it out to the Toronto area for a week too.

So all you friends of ours out there.... take notice. This is a limited time offer. We will be there from June 25 to July 17. That's it. And we won't have our own vehicle so if you want to see us you have to make the effort since I am very unlikely to walk to your house carting my 3 children along.

Aren't you all so excited?


Amanda Franks said…
A trip to the Promised Land means a guaranteed good summer! How great you were able to fly, I can't believe you were actually going to attempt driving!

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