The Rain has Ended

My mom came to spend the day with us yesterday and it was the first sunny day we've had in over a week. What a relief to let the boys run around our yard - they had some serious cabin fever building up!Olivia loves Grandma and as you can see Grandma is rather taken with her as well.

Here is Owen using his digger to put mud from the unused flower bed onto our deck. As a point of interest he is wearing the sweater my phenomenal mother-in-law made for him. She is unbelievably crafty.
Aiden decided that rubber boots were meant to be filled with water. He did this several times and took great delight in pouring the water out and refilling them again. And in case you noticed that my sons are dressed for two different seasons- Aiden is obsessed with summer clothes and Owen is obsessed with winter clothes. I let them choose their own outfits most of the time and it gives me a few laughs.
Olivia took her nap on our deck. She fell asleep watching the beautiful Saskatchewan sky. Of course the downside of napping outside is the mosquitoes which are out in all their glory. I kept swatting them away from her but she still managed to get a few bites.
Aiden calls his big wheels bike his motorcycle and Owen is dragging his "tractor" around informing us how fast it is. They both have bikes. They honestly believe their toddler toys are faster. Kids.
It was so lovely to be outside. I love outside. Except the mosquitoes. I hate them. Of course as I mentioned in my last entry the day ended dreadfully with Aiden being so sick but it was still glorious to enjoy the sunshine.


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