Photos from the family visit

Here are some fun pictures from our week with my Auntie Shirley and Uncle Les.

1. Olivia looking cute all wrapped up in her towel after her bath.

2. Sitting around visiting- so nice to be with family! My mom Patricia is holding Olivia, Aiden is sitting on the computer chair (where I happen to be right now) and Owen is sitting on the couch with my Uncle.

3. Owen and my Uncle drinking coffee... well, Uncle is drinking coffee, Owen drinking chocolate milk. As a point of interest my sons took to calling my uncle "Grandpa" and no matter how many times we explained that he is not grandpa, rather great Uncle, they didn't seem to believe us. After all, Owen explained to me, "he looks like a grandpa". This is true. He is a grandpa, I replied, just not YOUR grandpa. Oh well. It was pretty cute.
4. Aiden telling jokes to a captive audience. Both Grandma and Olivia think Aiden is hilarious.
5. Me having some quality time with my dear Aunt... with a kid climbing on my back of course.
6. Tea time with my Aunt and my daughter.

7. The boys playing outside with their new favourite playmate- Great Uncle Les (aka grampa) who also happens to be wearing Owen's cowboy hat.
8. Aiden climbing in and out of a stack of tires. Why? Well, why not?
9. Great Uncle Les teaching the boys some basketball tricks.

10. Owen and Uncle Les on the swings.
11. Very happy Aiden.
12. Very happy Owen.
13. Great Uncle Les attempting to comfort a not-so-feeling-well Olivia.
14. Olivia looking stylish in her fake leather pants and colourful poncho (I love hand-me-downs).

15. The whole family at church. Standing: Grandma Patricia, Uncle Les
Second Row: my husband Doug, me, Aunt Shirley
Front Row: Aiden, Owen, Olivia


Jinny and Colin said…
Too cute. I'm excited for you guys that you get to go to Ontario!! That'll be a nice break.

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