MSG should be banned

A few weeks ago the doctor's who are messing with my body right now decided in their infinite wisdom that perhaps my anti-depressant was making my blood pressure a tad too high and suggested (required) that I wean myself off said medication and "see how it goes". I am guessing they forgot the reason I was on the stupid medication in the first place was because I have post-partum depression and the medication makes it so I don't leap off tall buildings. (not that we actually have any tall buildings in Tisdale but that is not the point). SO I did what they asked. I went off the medication.

It was a very bad idea.

I called my doctor yesterday in a fit of tears and asked (told) her if I could go back on the meds. She said ok. So I did.

I should be feeling much better in a few days.

Of course I accidentally fed myself something with MSG in it and I get killer migraines from MSG so I am on day 3 of my head feeling like it is going to explode.

All around its been a great few days.

Migraines always make me feel especially whiny.

On the up side my son Aiden "graduated" from pre-kindergarten today. We got to enjoy a very cute little concert and he got a laminated diploma and everything.


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