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So Miss. Olivia has been rather fussy the past few days and I couldn't figure out why. Until my mom came over. We were drinking fruit smoothies and like a typical Grandma she decided Olivia would like to try some (despite the fact that the smoothie contained several foods Olivia has never tried before and she is not even 5 months old yet). The funny thing was Olivia took one taste and the grabbed hold of that glass with both hands and tried to down the whole thing! Apparantly my little girl was starving. I had been feeding her all day constantly so I figure either something is wrong with my milk (thyroid problems can mess with breast milk) or she is just so big that she needs some real food to fill her up. I had tried several times to give her rice cereal but she wasn't interested. So yesterday I tried plain yogurt (Grandma's idea) and she LOVED it. She ate at least 3 tablespoons of the stuff. Then I figured I ought to offer her some formula in case my milk really isn't doing it for her and she downed 4 ozs in 5 minutes. Then she was SO happy, giggling, kicking her little feet, smiling. Go figure. So the moral of the story is I need to give my baby more than just breast milk from now on. This morning she had some cereal and she seems quite content.

I started to feel all sad and guilty that my milk isn't enough for her and that it took me 3 days to figure out she was hungry but then I decided that is just Satan trying to mess with my already over-sensitive brain by telling me I suck as a mom. So screw you Satan. I am a good mom and my kids love me and I love them and Olivia is doing just fine. So there.

The other amazing thing that I discovered through this whole fiasco is that Olivia will fall asleep on her own in her crib without too much fuss if I get her in there at just the right moment. If she is too overtired it doesn't work. If she is not tired enough it won't work. But if I hit that "sweet spot" of just the right amount of tiredness she will watch her little music aquarium happily and fall asleep peacefully on her own.

Now I just have to catch that moment more often.

Of course I only figured this out because she was starting to drive me crazy and the boys were going nuts with all the fussing and so I just put her in her crib to give myself a moment of sanity. I figure it is always a better idea to put the baby in a safe place BEFORE you go nuts.

Speaking of things that drive me nuts... my son Owen (age 3.5) has been unbelievably clingy since Olivia was born. Now I understand that this is just his way of adjusting to a new baby in the house but seriously... how long is this going to last? He is CONSTANTLY wanting to sit on my lap or climb on me or attach himself to my limbs. In fact right now and this very moment he is trying to wedge his 40 lb underwear clad self in between me and the computer desk chanting a refrain of "me want mommy". You may think I am cruel for not immediately dropping everything and pulling my adorable son onto my lap but honestly people... I ALWAYS have SOMEONE on my lap and sometimes I would just like to have my lap to myself. Just for a few minutes.

My 5 year old son Aiden is presently sitting- sort of- in Olivia's exersaucer. What a kid.


Special K ~Toni said…
Deep in Thought! (?)
Anonymous said…
I can relate with the nursing thing. Thing is, I couldn't nurse exclusively any of my kids. Willem was 6 weeks old and not much heavier than his birth weight when I discovered formula. I don't know what I'd do without it. I decided this week to stop nursing Finleigh. With 3 little ones, it was just getting too much (nursing for almost an hour and THEN giving a bottle anyways), so after much guilt...I decided to get over the guilt and stop nursing. All that to say...you're not a bad mom and I'm glad you realize it. Amanda

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