And now for something none of you want to know.

My kid has bathroom issues.

Owen absolutely refuses to go poo. About a year ago he got constipated and when he finally went it hurt. Ever since then he is scared to go poo. He tries desperately to hold it in to avoid the pain and then of course when it finally does happen it hurts. It is a nasty cycle.

We have tried a multitude of things. From prune juice to stool softeners. Now we are trying mineral oil.

This is just not something I ever pictured myself dealing with on a daily basis.

Motherhood is a fascinating experience.


Judy said…
Oh! My second son was the same way. It is SOOOOO frustrating, isn't it?

We had some success in using sugarless candy. Some of the sugar substitutes can do the trick in just a few pieces of candy.

I remember being amazed at the time by how much of my life was determined by who had or hadn't pooped.

Just remember - this too shall pass!

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