Fantasty vs. Reality

My Fantasy Mother's Day

Wake up slowly at 10:00 am to a peaceful, quiet, sunshiney morning.
Served a beautiful breakfast of fresh, homemade muffins, or cinnamon buns (I'm not picky) and a hot pot of fresh tea.
Given several bouquets of fresh flowers and a gift certificate for a spa treatment, pedicure, manicure and a hair cut to happen later that same day.
Perfectly well behaved quiet children saying things like "I love you mommy. I'll go play quietly on my own without making a mess or getting hurt or fighting with anyone now."
Babysitter arrives to take my children to the park (or anywhere other than my house) for the day.
Maid arrives to clean the house in my absence.
I leave to enjoy the spa with two of my best friends, Becky and Cecile, where we spend the day relaxing, getting spa treatments, enjoying delicious food and laughing- without our children.
Arrive home to a spotless home, more fresh flowers, perfectly well behaved children and my well-rested, non-stressed out husband.
Enjoy lovely family meal made by my gourmet chef of a husband.
Send still peaceful children to bed having not had a single fight or been required to say no once the entire day.
Spend relaxing romantic evening with my husband, watching a chick flick and going to bed early, where I will sleep peacefully the entire night through without being awoken a single time by anyone or anything.

My Reality Mother's Day

Wake up at 5:00am (after having woken up several times in the night) to my second born son jumping on me and waking up my sleeping infant.
Drag myself wearily to the incredibly messy living room to watch several hours of children's programming on the television.
Take medication.
Feed children.
Share a bowl of cereal with second born son, who insists on sitting on my lap constantly.
Wake up weary, ill husband by barging into his room saying "say happy mother's day to me before I sell our children to traveling gypsy's"
Feed Olivia. Again.
Take short shower.
Get everyone ready for church amidst loud grumblings, mess, and chaos.
Iron husband's shirt so he looks presentable for the mother's day service at church. He is the pastor after all.
Walk wearily to church.
Spend several hours entertaining loud children at church.
Return home exhausted to still messy house with loudly complaining belligerent children.
Watch "The Little Mermaid" and eat grilled hamburgers courtesy of exhausted, still sick, overworked and overstressed husband.
Spend brief time outside in our yard listening to my sons fighting over a shovel.
Take a bath with my baby girl Olivia. (No hope for bathing alone these days)
Vacate tub so my two extremely dirty sons can have their bath.
Put crying Olivia to sleep.
Clean poop off of second sons bedding.
Listen to oldest son sing "Part of my world" from Little Mermaid.
Say no to oldest son when asked to "knit the hole in his jammies fixed".

We'll see how the rest of the day goes but I'm thinking I'm outta luck for my spa day... especially since we don't even have a spa in our town. Oh well.

Happy Mother's Day to you.


Special K ~Toni said…
I can sympathize! All I wanted today was to take a 30 minute nap- ALONE. Luke (4) insisted on being in there. He DID NOT nap- he shoved things up my nose, tried to pluck my eyebrows with his fingers, and then yanked a nose hair out! Do you know how painful that is??

Next year? let's keep our fingers crossed!
Amanda Franks said…
I think that Mother's day gets better and better the older and older the kids get! It's just my theory, but I think it's a good one.

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