Dry !!!

My eldest son slept all the way through the night and did NOT wet his bed and he was NOT wearing a pull-up diaper! This is the first time he has woken up dry EVER! I am so proud and excited. This picture is Aiden snuggled up in a blanket - he likes to make "nests".

This is a picture of Olivia and I having some time together yesterday (mother's day). She is so sweet.

This is my terrific son Aiden when we were playing outside yesterday.
And here is Owen saying "I not big, I wittle" (I'm not big, I'm little) in response to my telling him he was getting to be such a big boy. He insists that he is not getting bigger at all. He wants to stay little. I keep trying to reassure him that I will still love and hug and snuggle with him even when he is bigger but I don't think he believes me. The poor kid is still adjusting to Olivia's arrival.

I assume someday he will resign himself to the fact that "little" is NOT a word most people would use to describe my 43 lb 3.5 year old.


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