My friend Becky told me today that there was a story on the news about a newborn baby being found in the toilet at Wal-Mart on Monday. This is the same Wal-Mart where I was shopping for jeans on the very same day. Apparently some poor soul was terrified enough to give birth SILENTLY in the bathroom stall in Wal-Mart and then leave the baby there (who was found and revived and handed over to social services later). My heart aches for that baby and for the young woman who was desperate enough to put herself in that situation.

Our world is so broken. It makes me want to weep.

We really need Jesus.


Amanda Franks said…
The day last week that I got to catch Oprah she was doing a "Cheers to you" episode and one of the ladies being honored started an organization called Project Cuddle. It deals with just this issue, support for women who are in such a desperate situation they would consider leaving a baby to die. I thought about checking if there was a Canadian version of it and how it could be supported. Ofcourse in my little world I forgot, but now you've reminded me and I'm off to see if I can find it. The world really does need Jesus, good thing he left us here be him!

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