the dawning of chicken pox?

Olivia has been working on her rolling over skill and she is doing very well at it I must say. She can roll in one direction indefinitely.... but going the other direction seems to be a lot more frustrating. She is still sick though so I figure its just a matter of time before she can maneuver herself all over the room.

I have begun the diligent baby-proofing and I must tell you all that it is SIGNIFICANTLY harder to do when you have older kid toys around. Seriously, Lego is an unbelievable choking hazard and my son's favourite toy ever. This is not the best combination.

My husband tried to make our basement more desirable to our sons by making them a cool Lego table to play Lego's on and we put pretty much all their toys down there... but they still don't really like it. It's cold. And I'm not there. I'm going to keep trying though.

In other news last night seriously SUCKED. Aiden woke up about 2 hours after I put him to bed with a fever of 103' and all sorts of other "I'm sick mommy" feelings. Doug was out running youth group. Olivia and I both started a perscription yesterday but of course it hasn't helped yet so she was feeling yucky and I am feeling like I got hit by a truck. The only one sleeping relatively peacefully was Owen. So I called the doctor to try and figure out if I should take Aiden in to see someone or not. I am totally paranoid about meningitis because a friend of mine from church just had a niece die of it a couple weeks ago. The doctor assured me it didn't sound like meningitis, it sounded like he was coming down with chicken pox... which happens to be going around our community right now. So I looked up chicken pox on the internet and found out that yes, it does sound like that. So now I am waiting for the dreadful spots to appear. He woke up feeling ok this morning, just a stuffy nose. So we'll see. Crazy kid sicknesses.

Can I just tell you all how much I am NOT looking forward to having 3 kids with chicken pox... if that is what it turns out to be? And the timing really sucks too. Poor Aiden has his last day of pre-kindergarten and his year end ceremony this week... which he will not be able to attend if he does have chicken pox. And Monday is my husband's birthday. And Doug and I (and Olivia) are supposed to go away in a week and a half to our church denomination's district conference. It is only a couple days but my mom has agreed to watch the boys for us so we can go. Of course we won't be going anywhere if I have 3 kids with chicken pox.


I don't think the lack of sleep is helping me get over this blasted cold... which I was informed yesterday is actually likely bronchitis. Whatever. It doesn't matter what you call it, I still won't get more sleep.


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