Completely Random

Things I love:
-Curious George
-Dr. Seuss
-Ice Cream
-The Computer
-Devices that allow me to communicate with the world outside my home
-The Dishwasher
-My laundry machines (I can't imagine washing all our clothes on a rock in a river somewhere)
-My husband's cooking
-Time to myself
-happy laughing kids

Things I don't love:
-sleep deprivation
-constant cleaning
-never catching up
-loud toys
-the hair that gets stuck in my bathtub drain
-dried toothpaste in the bathroom sink
-walking with bare feet through sugar spilled on the kitchen floor
-living too far from WalMart

You know you live in northeast Saskatchewan when there is a large green John Deere tractor driving back and forth down your street. I am presently watching his fifth trip down my street outside my living room window.

Our trees finally have small budding leaves on them. Yay. Spring.


kelle said…
Tara, only in small town SK will you find someone driving a tractor up and down the street!!
Toni said…
You don't beat your clothes against a rock?? La tee da- living up, aren't you???
Rod said…
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