Birthday Celebrations

Here are some pictures from our birthday celebrations this afternoon. I tried to get some decent pictures of Doug and each of the kids.
Aiden made Doug a "special birthday love card" which he gave him first thing this morning and then he bought him Popsicles for his gift.
Owen bought Doug a basketball for his gift. Owen has graciously offered to play basketball with him though.
I didn't manage to get 33 candles on the McCain Deep and Delicious birthday cake (I may or may not have made it from scratch).
My mom, Patricia, came over for birthday cake.

Aiden refuses to smile nicely for pictures. Instead he poses in some way. You can see Owen finds this fascinating.
Olivia found birthday candles, cake, and her brothers fascinating as well.
My mom took this picture of me and my honey. Aren't we cute?All in all we had a good day. The one kind of funny thing is that we happened to have a meeting with someone about updating our wills today. Nothing like thinking about death on your birthday :)


Special K ~Toni said…
That is a great picture of you and Doug! Looks like the kids, as well as the birthday boy, had a great time!
Judy said… guys are all so cute!

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