Beautiful Sunshiney Day

This morning after Doug went to work we all went and played in our backyard and enjoyed the sunshine. It is a really beautiful day. I am so happy that spring has finally arrived!

Here is Olivia soaking in some rays. (Don't worry, I did put a sun hat on her later but everyone needs to feel the sun on their face sometimes!) When you say "say cheese" to my big 5 year old son Aiden he NEVER smiles nicely. Never. He always makes crazy faces and actions. Here is a typical one.
Owen decided his socks belonged on his hands instead of his feet.
This is Aiden's "super cool" pose.
I love my kids. I love sunshine. They are a great combination.


Amanda Franks said…
I am so glad you guys had a good summery day today! I also love that you blog so faithfully, our life has been crazy busy too and after missing just a day or two I miss so much on here! Good luck with your appointment coming up! Thanks for sharing so much of your life!

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