Aiden's Boo Boo

This morning it was raining here and my boys were acting particularly crazy. This picture shows them leaping around poor innocent helpless Olivia (who happened to be laughing hysterically) waving blankets and acting like monkeys. I feared for my daughter's life so this afternoon when the weather cleared up I sent them outside to play in our yard.

They had been outside less than 10 minutes when I hear the cry that ever mother hates to hear. The one that means an honest to goodness no fake tears injury has occurred. So I ran outside to the sight of poor Aiden with blood dripping down the side of his face and rubbed all over his hands and arms in hysterical tears. It turned out that he had been playing with one of Daddy's bungee cords for the tent trailer (which he is not allowed to play with ) and he had stretched it out and then let go and of course the hook on the end hit him smack in the eye.

The refrain "It's all fun and games until someone loses and eye" comes to mind.

Of course by now Olivia is screaming where I had left her on Owen's blankie in the kitchen, Aiden is freaking out, and Owen has another bungee cord in his tight little grip running down our driveway yelling "I didn't hurt myself, I don't want to come in, no,no,no,no,no".

I called Doug.

Our church is literally right around the corner from our house and I told him to come home for a few minutes and help me reign in the chaos.

So he did. I love my husband. As you can see Aiden's boo boo didn't turn out to be all that serious but it did take awhile to calm the poor child down. He got a little cut in his eyelid and a bump on his temple but I am sure all that will result is a poofy eyelid for a few hours. The bungee cords have been put away. Forever.

So now the boys are back playing out in our yard, Olivia is sleeping, Doug has returned to work and I am taking a few minutes to regain some sort of equilibrium.

As I stopped to typing to think for a minute I noticed it was quiet in my yard.

Too quiet.

So I went to check on my boys and lo and behold I found them playing inside our van. Owen was turning the lights off and on from his perch in the driver's seat. Aiden was the passenger (since he has a hurt eye he told me). And of course they both had muddy boots on the seats.

They are also not allowed to play in the van.

I told them to get out and I locked the van doors.

I did NOT make them come back inside.

I don't want them inside.

Not yet. I haven't found equilibrium yet.

In other news I took these cute photos of sweet Olivia having some tummy time earlier today. She usually hates being on her tummy so I had to catch this rare moment of enjoyment while it lasted.

Are those not the sweetest little feet you have ever seen? Even her toes look girly. I love it.

So much for regaining equilibrium. I hear Olivia waking up. And she doesn't sound happy.

Did I mention I am excited to go away this weekend?


Toni said…
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Toni said…
Wow! Aiden is going to give you grey hair! At least it wasn't so bad- still it WAS his eye!

Ms. Olivia's toes are precious! I would frame that picture!

( I had to delete my first comment- apparently my fingers are working independently from the rest of my body!)
Judy said…
I just LOVE baby feet!

That eye injury could have been so much worse. Wow. TRULY something to be thankful for!

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