Aiden's 5th Birthday

We had an eventful day yesterday- Aiden's 5th birthday! I still can't get over the fact that my little boy is 5. We started the days festivities with the arrival of Grandma Patricia. She brought Aiden his first gift- a walking, talking, singing, dancing, shooting robot. It is loud and obnoxious and Aiden loves it. Of course this caused a crisis for Owen -who at age 3.5 does not understand why he isn't getting presents as well. Lucky for him I didn't feel the need to teach him that particular lesson quite yet so he also got a new toy.

Here is Aiden and the beloved robot (Mighty Mike). He is also wearing summer clothes in order to show off his tattoo's all over his arms that he got at the Awana (kid's program) Penny Carnival at our church on Friday night. Yes, 3 nights ago. He refuses to wash his arms with soap or a wash cloth (just rinse quick with water) in case the tattoo's wash off.

We invited a few of Aiden's favourite people over for a bar-be-que in the evening. Aiden ADORES my friend Becky's sons. Josiah is 16 and Aaron is almost 15 and she also has a younger daughter named Angelle whom Owen is especially fond of. Aaron is sitting in between Owen and Aiden and Josiah is on the chair beside the couch.
Aiden spent a good portion of the day asking to open presents and throwing a fit when we made him wait. It almost drove me crazy. I kept thinking "Nice materialistic child I have managed to raise". Oh well. I like presents too.
Unfortunately appropriate gifts are INCREDIBLY difficult to find in our small town. I mean really, unbelievably difficult to find. Usually I have it more together and we drive into the city to buy gifts (as do the vast majority of people in town). Of course I am a complete space cadet this year and bought Aiden a gift he had previously TOLD me he didn't want. Oops. So yesterday we had to run around to the few stores in town and try to find a gift for Aiden. It was next to impossible. Finally about an hour before his party my husband bought him an almost cheap digital camera. He LOVES to take pictures (like his daddy) and his Grandma and Grandad from Ontario sent him some money which we pooled with our resources for this gift that he really does like. Now as long as he doesn't chuck it across the room at his brother in a fit of rage we should be good.

Here he is opening his gifts.
Here is Aiden's hero- Aaron. Aiden really and truly loves him and would very much like to hang out with him all the time. Aaron is also our babysitter for the boys. He's a great kid.

All in all the day went very well. By the time everyone had gone home we were all completely exhausted.

This morning we all woke up feeling a little sick with the start of colds. Sigh. I guess there was a little too much excitement yesterday! And the worst part is that we are having another birthday party for a few of Aiden's school friends on Saturday.

Crazy. What was I thinking?


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