The Great Outdoors

The weather has been beautiful over the past couple of days (today is raining but it is still nicer than snowing!) and my kids have had several opportunities to play in our yard. I thought I would share some classic poses with you.

Here is my son Aiden sitting in a huge puddle in our yard (on purpose) building a rock castle. One of my favourite things about my son Aiden is how whole-heartedly he gets into things. He doesn't do anything half-way. Now granted, he can also drive me crazy with this personality trait but he honestly teaches me too. He teaches me to be ALL the way in the moment.

Aiden after playing with his dump truck in our garden (which is presently a sea of mud).

Both of my sons have fabulous imaginations. I love the fact that my son Owen knows what he wants. He is NOT whishy-washy. Again, that same stubborness can drive me crazy but I love that he is passionate about what he loves. Like rocks. And water. And his boots. He LOVES his footwear. Passion. Something I lack in my daily life. See how much kids can teach us?

Here is a picture of Owen playing with two of his favourite toys- rocks and water. Perfect together.

Here is my sweet Olivia enjoying the sunshine and watching her brothers play.

This afternoon my sons have been playing with their lizards. This picture shows the fabulous outfit my son Owen chose for himself today. The boy knows what he likes.


Special K ~Toni said…
They are adorable! Glad they were able to get out and burn up some energy!

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