Sleep Conspiracy

All right folks. My sleep deprivation has now crossed the threshold into what little sleep I do get. Last night I had the strangest nightmare. I dreamt that I was in some massive house with everyone I know (and other strangers too) and no one would let me sleep. Everyone was noisy and following me around bothering me about useless things and I could never find my bed. And then I would find my bed and it had no sheets on it so I had to go get sheets and by the time I got back the bed was gone. Then I started getting really angry and cursing at people (I don't normally swear to people) and saying things like "How the *#@$* would you like it if everytime you tried to go to sleep someone moved your *^@#&* bed and you couldn't find it?". Then I would stomp all around the huge house looking for my bed and telling people to be quiet (using not nice words). This went on for quite awhile. When I woke up my jaw and fists were both clenched and I felt angry. Lovely way to wake up. It took me several minutes to realize none of it was true and that I don't really hate everyone and the whole world isn't really in on some giant conspiracy to keep me from sleeping.

I really need a nap.


Toni said…
Ugh! That is pretty bad when you are dreaming that you can't sleep! I hope you get a good nights rest tonight! :)
Carolynn said…
I'm with you on this one!!! We've just celebrated having 2 nights with no one up or in our bed!

I'll keep praying for sleep and peace!

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