Preschool stage fright

My son Owen, age 3, had his year-end program for his preschool this week. He completely refused to participate. He spent the entire time sitting on either my husband's or my lap with his arms crossed saying "no, I don't want to". The other children did a cute little singing performance and then were given their little graduation hats and certificates. Not Owen. He was NOT interested. His teachers told me that he did participate during the rehearsals so we are assuming this is a case of stage fright. What is interesting about that is that both of my sons had the exact same reactions at their Christmas concerts as well. But put them in our church and they have no problem whatsoever running to the front and standing up on the stage in front of all the people. Apparantly their stage fright is situation specific to school events. Last night was the awards ceremony for the Awana program at church and both my children went up front to get their awards. Owen made me go with him but he still went. He even stood nicely for pictures. Go figure.

In a completely unrelated topic, I have been missing my friends (I told you about them in a previous post, their names are Becky and Cecile). They haven't gone anywhere. I haven't gone anywhere. We are just all crazy busy with everything from sick kids to work to general life nonsense and so we haven't had the chance to spend any quality time with eachother in a while. It sucks. It seems the crazier life gets the more you need time with your friends and the less time you actually have to do so. Sucks to be us.

On the up side my husband sent me for a massage yesterday. My very first professional massage! It was lovely. She (the massage therapist) warned me that I might be sore today and I am. Terribly. But she assured me I should feel better in the end.

Two days until taxes are due and we still haven't done ours. We can't find my husband's T4. Oops. Nothing like the chaos of life to really mess you up. I really should get my life organized someday.


Toni said…
Neither of my boys have EVER participated in their programs! They will rehearse- but when it comes curtain time- forget it!

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