I leave on Friday for the Pastor's Wives retreat. I am now at the point where I am less excited and more stressed with all I have to accomplish in the next couple days in order to be ready to leave. Really I am excited to go.... it just sort of gets swallowed up in my paranoia that I won't actually be ready to go in time and everything will go wrong. Good ol' paranoia.

Things on the homefront should be fine without me. My husband will be working most of the weekend so I recruited my mom to be on-call for the weekend to look after my sons. I will be taking Olivia with me. I have never travelled overnight with her before so that should be interesting. I think she will be a good traveller though.

I have to get some (more) laundry done so that I will have some clothes to wear and so my husband and children will look semi-presentable in my absence. My husband does almost all of the cooking in our house (seriously- he is a fabulous chef) so I don't have to worry about them eating while I am away. Of course the house will be a complete disaster by the time I return but that can't be helped.

I may even get more sleep away than I am getting right now. For some reason my boys have been waking up an awful lot the past few nights. It took several days for the easter chocolate to get out of their systems. Man. Candy and my kids just don't mix. I almost went insane.


Toni said…
Try and have a good and relaxing weekend! :)
debrowns said…
Was this picture of Aiden taken when he was on all that sugar?

Have an incredible weekend!
kelle said…
Tara, have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy yourself and RELAX!! You deserve it!!
Tara said…
Yes, that picture of Aiden was taken during his sugar high. Nice eh?
the Doug said…
okay, the house won't look any worse than when you're here... I promise.
Love you.

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