Cute kids

Olivia has discovered toys. It is very cute to watch.

Olivia also continues to wake up the entire household nightly. And the crazy thing is that she isn't even really that loud. She cries a bit but quiets down almost instantly once I start to feed her. But in that brief time she manages to wake up both my sons and myself. Of course my husband sleeps blissfully on until one, or both, of the boys start garnering for his attention. The end result is that our entire household resembles walking zombies for at least a portion of every day. Fun. I do however maintain that Olivia is a dream to wake up to compared to her brothers at the same age. Aiden's screams could've woken the neighbourhood. We lived in a basement apartment when Aiden was an infant and our upstairs neighbour often said to me "the baby doesn't sleep very well?" or "does the baby have tummy problems?" and various likewise comments. Colic is a nightmare. When Owen was an infant Aiden was only 18 months old and still waking up every night so I was up constantly. Aiden woke up to Owen's cries too. So when Olivia wakes up and cries quietly for 30 seconds and then gives me a big smile when she sees me I have no complaints. Unfortunately my sons still wake up to even the slightest noise. Aiden has been known to remark to his teacher "that baby cries ALL night. She keeps waking me up!" in a very indignant voice. He doesn't know how good we have it!

Here are some fun photos of my boys enjoying bubbles and bathtime.
This is Aiden pretending to be Santa Claus.

Owen said "ho ho ho" just before I took this picture. He also asked if Santa was going to bring him more toys that night. My sons still thank Jesus for "the toys we got from Christmas" every night.

This is Olivia enjoying her bath at the same time as the boys. She just loves to chew (or gum) on stuff right now.

I think she is quickly outgrowing the cute baby tub we got for her. My how time flies. Olivia is 4.5 months old now.


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