Over the past few years I have noticed that anytime I am especially sleep deprived or stressed out I have nightmares. The nightmares all tend to have a recurring theme of me being completely out of control. Usually they have something to do with me being in some sort of school situation and not knowing when or where my classes are and never getting anywhere on time etc, or me needing to pack up all of my belongings quickly and not being able to do it on time, or the worst ones involve me somehow losing our kids (by force or mishap) and never getting to see them again. The point is that the nightmares are always very stressful and definately do NOT help me sleep better. I find this a little ironic. The less sleep I get the worse sleep I get when I actually do manage to catch a couple hours. Perfect. (feel the sarcasm there).

Perhaps I can chat with our counsellor about them when he comes over to our house again tonight for our session. I'm sure he'd love to know how truly crazy I am :)


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