More Sleep Needed

I know I have said this before but I am SERIOUSLY tired. Exhausted.

Our day in the city actually went very well. My mom came along to help watch the kids and we spent part of the day playing in a park becuase the weather was so fabulous. My tests went fine ... of course I have no idea what the results are yet. Olivia is taking bottles... but she doesn't like it. Our night was tiring at best. We got home from Saskatoon late and I was in bed at about midnight and Olivia woke up at 2, 4, and 6 am. On the up side she is such a good baby that she has really only freaked out once so far. She just sort of complains a little and is on the fussy side. But hey, I can understand that. I did NOT manage to pump enough milk so I am having to supplement with formula and that seems to be going ok too. I am really looking forward to 4:00 pm today when I can just go back to plain old breastfeeding.

My house is... again... a disaster area.

My sons 5th birthday is coming up and I feel totally unprepared for a party.

I have been thinking some about what I learned at the retreat. Becky (the speaker) talked about how there are essentially 4 types of people when it comes to accepting changes in our lives. 1. the innovators. These are the people who usually come up with the ideas for change and accept change wholeheartedly with excitement. They are the ones who make change happen and they are about 25% of our population. 2. The Embracers. These people accept change enthusiastically and are action orientated so they usually carry out the innovators ideas. They make up about 35% of the population. 3. The Acceptors- they resist change at first and then usually go along with it in the end. They want to see all the facts before proceeding. They make up about 35% of the population. and 4. The Resistors- they fight change. The are stubborn and value routine, tradition, consistency and the tried, tested & true. They make up about 5% of the population.

During the retreat we broke up into groups of the above. I am an Embracer. The interesting thing was that the percentages were about right in our group. My oldest son is a resistor. He hates changes with a passion. My husband is an innovator. My second son is (I think) an acceptor. Who knows what Olivia will be. Makes for some interesting family dynamics.

More on the retreat another time. I'm too tired to think so seriously.


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