Back from Retreat

I have returned from the pastor's wives retreat and I had a great weekend. It was so good to meet with other pastor's wives. I found it encouraging. Of course it was tiring too- but I do feel a little refreshed. Olivia was a very good traveler. The ladies enjoyed her smiles and I had plenty of help looking after her!

Our speaker for the weekend was Becky Matchullis who does personal life coaching. She was an excellent speaker. She talked about transitions and how we deal with change. Very interesting. Check out her website- she helps pastor's wives and their families a lot.

I also got to connect with a few people I knew from my days at Canadian Bible College (which is now Alliance University College). It is always enjoyable to see old friends.

I'm sure I'll talk more about the retreat once I have had some more time to process it.

And just as a point of interest... the day before I left I actually managed to finish ALL of my laundry. I could see our laundry room floor for the first time in months! Of course now I have loads to do again but I bask in the knowledge that I was caught up for a brief time.

Tomorrow is the big day for all of my thyroid tests and the 24 hours of no breast-feeding. Pray for Olivia and I if you think of us. The test is at 3pm and the 24 hours will end at 4pm on Wednesday. Then I have to wait a full month for the test results. The tests are all done at the University hospital in Saskatoon so we are in for a day of driving as well (5 hour round-trip). I'll keep you posted.


Robin said…
I'm glad you had a good time at your retreat - and I look forward to hearing more about it.
You will be in my prayers for your testing tomorrow.

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