Why did I get up this morning?

I would like to tell you all about my day so far. It is just about 10:00 am and I have been up since 5:45 am. That is just too early to get up. My husband was supposed to go to a seminar in a town a little over an hour away today. I also thought that today was a "parent required to attend" day at my son Owen's preschool. So I arranged with my mom for her to come to our house before she had to go to work so I could drive her to work (with my three kids in tow) and use her car to get us all to preschool etc. I was feeling rather stressed about the whole fiasco of getting all three kids up and ready since all three have colds. As it turned out all three were up just before 6 am anyway so I had plenty of time. I had just gotten everyone almost ready and another mom with kids in the same preschool called and informed me that I had the day wrong. It is NEXT week when we have to go with our child to school. I almost collapsed in relief... and then I burst into hysterical laughter at my inability to keep my own life straight! So I called my mom and told her not to worry about us and called the school and told them my son wasn't coming in today... I just needed to stay home. My husband left for his seminar and called me about 15 minutes later. Our van died on the side of the road just outside of town. It is presently in the shop getting fixed (thank-you mastercard) and my husband is no longer attending his seminar. Then my son spilled my luke-warm tea all over me and Olivia (thank-you God that it was no longer hot). Then I realized that we are completely out of juice so I made red kool-aid. This was a mistake. Now there is red Kool-aid all over. My son thought it was funny to spit it in my tub and sink and on the floor. Yuck. Thanks kiddo. I needed more to do this morning. Not to mention the fact that my house is already a disaster area and I still haven't caught up on laundry from last week, never mind this week.
Today I feel like God, or the universe itself perhaps, was trying to send me a message. The message was this "You should have stayed in bed Tara".


Robin said…
Oh honey, you are doing the hardest job there ever could be. Being a mom to three young kids AND a pastor's wife has got to be the toughest assignment. Keep on keeping on Tara - you will make it! I wish I could be of more help to you, but just know as I write this comment I am praying for you and lifting you to the Father who not only promised to give us strength - He promises to BE our strength.
Angi said…
I remember those days... wait, I'm still in them, only my boys are all old enough to know better. My red splotches on my tub.... caused by paint splatters. They don't wash off.

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