Who's in Your Imaginary Audience?

I saw this on Judy's blog and decided I would like to pass it on. I agree with her that we all have this crazy imaginary audience in our heads passing judgment on us. I maintain this is a trick of Satan to get us feeling crappy about ourselves and when I let that happen I am not letting all God wants for me come through.

The imaginary audience in my head includes (but is not limited to...):
1. the super mom who is perfectly organized and poised and in control at all times and has extremely well behaved children whom she plans creative activities and learning experiences for daily who shakes her head in shock and disbelief at my lack of parenting skills.
2. the perfect pastor's wife who is always an asset to her husbands ministry and tells me if I were more spiritual I'd be better at this.
3. the intellectual who never has trouble keeping up with world events, the latest research into intellectual pursuits, and no mommy-brain moments who mocks my descent into the world of kid's cartoons and poopy diapers.
4. the skinny lady who reminds me how fat I am.
5. the career mom who mocks my stay-at-home-ness.
6. the ultra-spiritual woman with whom I can never compare.
7. that mean lady who always tells me no-one really likes me, they are just being friends with me to be kind.

And the list goes on.
Who's in your imaginary audience that you need to ignore today?


Colin said…
I like you an awful lot, and as you well know I'm not at all a kind person, so #7 can't possibly be true. This is a problem that afflicts us all, and is nonsense on every level (and what's more we know it's nonsense). The best cure in my life for this stuff is a read through Lewis' Narnia books. The constant stream of scenes where Aslan tells various characters that he has absolutely no interest in what others think of them and then demonstrates that what he thinks of them is radically different from what they had imagined helps me a great deal. But I still struggle with this one, just like you. I also know how very useless it is to advise you to tell those people in your head to shut the hell up. But, I can tell them for you. So, to the people in Tara's head who are so damned proud of themselves and all their so-called "perfection" I would just like to say: Shut up already!

Love you girl. Say hi to Dougy for me.


Colin Toffelmire.
Judy said…
I seem to struggle with having actual people that I know who I somehow feel the need to either shock or impress.

In reality, they could care less.

But, I keep them alive and well in my head by listening to the commentary they have running on a daily basis about 'how I'm doing'.

I have one person in particular and I have NO IDEA why that person is there and NO IDEA why I give a flying leap what this person thinks. It is a mystery to me.

I just spent sometime catching up on your blog. I hope your kids are feeling better! Keep writing. If I had a blog when my kids were the age of your kids I think I might have gotten through that time with a bit more humour. I truly thought they were out to prove that I was incompitent and they were sent to earth to prove it.

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