What I Do NOT like

I do not like the sound of 3 children crying all at once.
I do not like the feeling of spilled sugar sticking to the bottom of my bare feet.
I do not like tripping over Lego.
I do not like pumping breast milk from sore breasts.
I do not like the fact that I inevitably spill things on my clothes within minutes of putting them on.
I do not like knowing that my sons may or may not have missed the toilet when peeing.
I do not like brawling pre-schoolers.
I do not like losing my keys and having to spend 20 mins in a panic looking for them in order to get my son to pre-school on time... and failing.
I do not like the fact that my daughter falls asleep nursing and every time I try to put her down in her crib she wakes up almost immediately.
I do not like piles of unpaid bills.
I do not like that my eldest son has learned the term "or I'll kill you" from someone somewhere and uses it on my youngest son regularly.
I do not like endless housecleaning that never gets finished.
I do not like attending events for people I don't know simply because I am the pastor's wife.
I do not like loud screaming children. Even loud happy screaming children.
I do not like cracker crumbs on my living room carpet.

I do not like that every single one of these things has happened to me today.


Special K ~Toni said…
O my gosh! All in one day? You need a nap.

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