So tired. I am so very tired today. Today is one of those days where I feel like I could go to bed right now at 10:15am and not get up again until sometime next week and still not feel rested. Tired.

Aiden's parent-teacher interview went just fine yesterday. My concerns were unfounded. His teacher loves him and has no reservations about him going on to kindergarten. Yay! It's always nice to hear your child is "right within the normal range". I got to see all his cute school work too. Kids are so funny. They draw hilarious pictures and say incredibly funny things. It was good to laugh. I just have to say that my son's teacher and her assistant are fabulous. Aiden adores them both and they are so good with the kids. I find their patience and creativity phenomenal.

Olivia can roll over from her front to her back now. I am almost a little sad to see her growing up so quick. Other than the exhaustion I am really enjoying her infant stage.

Of course I won't miss some things. Like the other day - Olivia was lying on the floor in her little play gym thingy and I was attempting to pump some more. The boys were being crazy... like normal. So all of a sudden Aiden falls off the couch and sits on Olivia's head which of course makes her scream and he felt so bad he ran to his room crying. So I put the pump down on the floor to pick up Olivia and Owen promptly kicks it over spilling the entire contents all over my carpet. It was great. Really.

Did I mention I am tired?
Really tired.


Anonymous said…
Me Too.......


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