Screaming Olivia

Poor Olivia. She had an ear infection last week (which I found out by taking her to the doctor for a fever on Friday) and she has been on this prescription. Well I figured by day 5 of the prescription she should start to feel better but she seemed to be getting worse! I would give her the meds and about 15-20 mins later she would just scream for almost an hour. I had to do this 3 times a day and I finally figured out today that the MEDS were making her tummy hurt. She'd scrunch up her legs and arch her back and just scream. So I called the doctor and she told me that sometimes babies respond poorly to medications and to just take her off them. If she gets better, yay. If she gets worse bring her back in and we'll try a different medication. It is always so hard to figure out what is bothering an infant. It is a relief when they can finally TELL you what is wrong. But I will admit I hope this baby stage with Olivia doesn't go by too quickly. She is my last baby and I am really enjoying her baby-hood... sickness and all.

Miss. Olivia also laughed for us this weekend for the first time. Of course it was for daddy, not me... but it was still adorable. She finally laughed for me this morning. There is no better noise than a laughing baby.


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