I signed up to go to a pastor's wives retreat in April and I am quite excited about it. I find that I have had difficulty keeping up with my personal quiet times with God. Actually I have very few quiet times period. With myself, my husband, or my God. I also spend almost every sunday morning in the pre-school room watching my boys or in the nursery watching my little girl. Which means I have heard about 3 sermons in the past two years. I do feel like God meets me where I am at, in the chaos of my life. Despite my lack of input from other sources (sermons, devotional books, the Bible itself) I do feel like God has taught me many things in the past year. I find it phenomenal that we have a God who is willing to meet us where we are at and who can use our daily things to teach us more about Himself and who we are in Him. Nothing has taught me more about God's love for us than my love for my children.
However I would like to make more time for my personal devotional life. Any improvement shouldn't be hard since it's pretty much non-existent right now. And I am thrilled for the opportunity for some interaction with and teaching from some fellow pastor's wives. I will be bringing Olivia since I am still breast-feeding but having only one child to tend to and no house to clean will make it seem like a true holiday!


Anonymous said…
Good for you, enjoy yourself!

Where did you hear about a pastors wives retreat? I am interested in something like that.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Tara,
The last comment was from me.
Katherine Heimsoth
Tarasview said…
The retreat is being put on by our district superintendent's wife, Glendyne Gerrard (and her team). I think she is also the Alliance Women's president right now although I am not sure. She can be reached through our district web-site. She has tons of good resources for pastor's wives. I think she is fabulous. In my humble opinion there should be more women like her wiling to do stuff for pastor's wives.
Robin said…
Oh I hope this is a refreshing, reviving time for you. It was at a pastor's wives conference that I experienced God in a way I never had before or since. It was awesome!

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