Report cards

My son Aiden got his very first report card yesterday. It was... fascinating. The grading system is age appropriate (he is only 4) : N for Not at this Time, S for Sometimes, M for Most of the Time, and A for Always. My son can Always jump with both feet together, turn the pages of a child's book one page at a time, and say his name when asked. Everything else was an M or an S. So he can Sometimes follow directions. He can Sometimes play well with classmates. Most of the time he is able to communicate with his teachers when he needs something. And on it goes. I had mixed reactions to my sons reviews. It is pretty much what I expected and I am so glad he didn't get any "N"'s but at the same time I had hoped for ... more? Better? I want him to enjoy school and do well at it so that it isn't a struggle for him. I know. He's only 4. But my husband didn't enjoy school like I did. I loved school. Loved it. I am a total nerd. I think I have always hoped my children would inherit my enthusiasm for school and my husband's enthusiasm for life. Wouldn't it be great if our kids inherited the best from each of us and all the bad stuff just got left out? To bad that's not the way it is.

Tomorrow I have my first parent-teacher interview as a parent. I feel nervous. It is only 10 minutes long but I still feel a little like I am being sent to the principle's office. Like all of a sudden they are going to say to me "I'm sorry Mrs. Robertson. Your son simply does not play well with others and therefore we recommend you homeschool him." For those of you who homeschool please do not be offended by this but to be forced into homeschooling is the dread of my life. I can't WAIT for my kids to be in full-time school. FINALLY I will get to take a NAP! Of course that is still 5 years away but there is hope. The first year Olivia is in full-time school I fully intend to drop her off at school, come home and take a nap. Get up and have lunch, read a book, take another nap, welcome my darlings home from school fully refreshed, go to bed early. It will take a full year of this for me to catch up on my sleep.
Like I said, I can think of nothing worse than for someone to tell me I will have to be trapped at home with all of my children every single day for like 15 more years and on top of that have to teach them things I barely remember. Honestly I really respect those of you who have the ability to excel in homeschool situations but I think I'd end up in the loony bin.
So there you have it folks. Another reason why I will not be nominated for parent of the year!


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