Real Moms

I was tagged by Amanda to do an entry on what it means to be a Real Mom.

Real Moms know that nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby.

Real Moms know that some days, no matter how hard you try, you can't get your kids to keep their clothes on.

Real Moms sometimes forget to put their stroller away and leave it outside and don't notice it until the next day after it has snowed all night and is soaking wet and frozen making it especially comfy for baby.

Real Moms have mess.

Ok, that's my view on that. I guess now it's my turn to tag someone so how about I tag Katherine and Erin and any of you moms on the pastor's wives blogroll that read my posts!


Tiffany said…
Hi Tara!
I just tried to leave you a comment and
I'm not sure it went through so I thought I'd send it again quick. I am so glad I found your blog. I am a pastor's wife with three small kids. Although I really love being a pastor's wife, I adore being a wife and mother. As far as the mom thing and a clean house goes...I just wrote a blog entry a couple days ago titled "What do red fingernail polish, shower gel and a dirty diaper have in common?" You can check it out if you have time @

I will check your blog and your pastor's wives blogroll regularly!!!

Have a great week!
Tiffany Cooper
Oklahoma City
People's Church
Toni said…
Ok- now I don't feel bad about Luke running around in his boxers all day. Apparently it is a 'boy' thing!

You must be extremely busy with those three under 4! No way could I do that. I really enjoy that 8 year age gap. College will hopefully be easier financially.(fingers crossed)

Thanks for visiting me- I will definitely be back!

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