Mercy Me


What a day.

I have 3 sick kids. I foolishly took all three of them to the doctor's office this afternoon at once. I will NEVER do that again. Never. It was insane. I felt trapped like a caged animal with three whining, screaming, insolent beasts. Plus one doctor and one student nurse practitioner who clearly did not want to be stuck with us. Fun.

I even took my mom along so she could watch one or two of them in the waiting room and it was still chaos. It wasn't even embarrassing anymore, it was beyond embarrassing. It was like I had just accepted the fact that my kids are completely out of control and we have failed miserably at communicating to our children that they should act somewhat socially acceptable when we are in public. After all we live in a very small town and there is ALWAYS someone who knows us EVERYWHERE we go. I really miss the anonymity of the city sometimes.

Anyway, we were there forever and all the doctor told me was "It's a cold. A cold plus their asthma. Keep doing what you are doing and they'll get better." Love that. On the up side I now know that there is nothing seriously wrong with any of them. On the down side I now know that I will not be getting any sleep for at least a few more days. My poor son Aiden sounds like he has croup all night. Poor kid. Poor parents.

I am pretty sure now that I will never catch up on my laundry. I had a pile of it thrown haphazardly at the bottom of my basement stairs and when I went to transfer the pile to the laundry room I realized that the clothes were all wet. "Why are the clothes wet?" I asked myself. Then it dawned on me. When our basement starts collecting water it collects it at the bottom of my stairs first. "Goody" I thought, "that means our basement is sabotaging my laundry efforts as well".

And it snowed today. Again. Apparently spring is never coming to northeastern Saskatchewan. Those of you in warmer climates can say hello to a flower or a bird for me. Thanks.

Did I tell you all that last week when I went to parent/teacher interviews I found out that we had been bringing Aiden to school late EVERY day? Yep, that's right, EVERY day, ALL YEAR. Apparently we thought school started at 9:00 am and in reality it started at 8:45 am. My husband is the one who brings Aiden to school and I asked him if it seemed odd to him that all the kids were sitting down doing something everyday while he was just taking Aiden's coat off. He said he hadn't noticed that. My husband is not always the most observant man on the planet. So now we both feel like complete morons. The teacher told me she didn't want to say anything since we have a new baby and all. I guess she thought I just couldn't get them out the door in time. Nope. We just didn't know what time school started at. Parents of the year right here folks.

Wow is my house ever messy.

All I did today was walk and rock a screaming infant, give out medicines to resisting pre-schoolers, say "No" a lot, more walking, rocking, listening to screaming and whining. Not so much cleaning. In fact I barely got to go to the bathroom to pee never mind clean it! My sons asthma medications give them a bit of an adrenaline rush. I hate that. So every four hours my kids get super hyper (more than normal hyper) for about 20 minutes. I try to avoid giving it to them near bedtime or during the night but when they are sick I sometimes have no choice. It sucks. I have asthma too and I would just like to say I hate that I passed that lovely gene on to my kids.

My mom even came over to help me today. Even with reinforcements I got nothing done. Sadly my mom has to work tomorrow so I will be back on my own again. It's not looking good for a clean house anytime soon.

However I must tell you all that my eldest son and my sweet daughter are developing a lovely relationship. Aiden loves to make Olivia laugh and she loves the entertainment. It really is a beautiful thing to watch a sibling relationship develop. I didn't have any siblings and I just love watching my kids with each other (when they aren't fighting that is).


Coutts said…
oh that is stinkin hilarious about being late for school. ang and i are having a good laugh about that. we can laugh because I (jon) did the same thing at seminary. For the entire week of one of my modules when I walked into class at 9am everyone's heads were bowed and praying. i thought (every morning for five days that is!) "wow, this prof isn't kidding around about staring on time." I tried to be a few minutes earlier each day but to no avail. It wasn't until Friday I leaned over to someone after the Amen and whispered, "does class start at 9?" and they said, "No, 8:30."

Couple weeks later I apologized to the prof and he jokingly said he figured I wasn't much of a praying man!

so, don't feel bad. funny stuff there

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