Sometimes I find it super gross being the mom of sons. This morning my son Aiden was scratching his... um... bum rather excessively (in my humble opinion) and I told him that sometimes an itchy bum means you need to take a bath. Would he like a bath? No. He says "No mom, it's ok, I can scratch the inside of my bum with my finger and I don't mind the germs". Yucky.
Aren't you glad I shared that with you all?


debrowns said…
Very yucky but at least he your son wasn't doing it in public. Dave and I were in line at McDonald's the other day and the kid in front of us had his hand down the back of his pants the entire time. Well that's not exactly true... he took his hand out long enough (on a couple occassions) to run the same hand back and forth along the length of a couple of registers on the counter in front of him (and the guy standing in front of one of those registers). His mother didn't seem to mind, but that may be because her other child had flopped into a heap on the floor.

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