As I have mentioned before we started going to a counsellor to help with the post-partum depression.

He gave us some homework to do this week before we have our next session and I thought I would share the assignment with you all since I actually think it is a really good idea for everyone to do.

First of all you list all the things that cause stress in your life, everything, even if it is a list of 300 things.

Then you prioritize the list in order of what causes you the most stress to the least.

Then you write down how you cope with those stresses- what coping mechanisms do you use.

This will show you the healthy coping mechanisms you have as well as the unhealthy ones that need to be changed.

I started my homework last night- I don't recommend starting this excercise just before bed because then you spend forever in bed thinking of all the things you should have written down but forgot. Then you either have to get up out of bed and write them down while you are thinking of them or go to sleep and hope you remember in the morning. I chose sleep and I don't remember this morning what I was thinking about last night.

Oh well.


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