Clean house dilema

As I have said before I have trouble keeping up with the demands of housekeeping. So perhaps you can see why a moment like this must be shared. My kitchen is lovely and clean, no dirty dishes, floors swept, counters wiped. My living room is tidy, toys put away, floor vacuumed, hallway swept. My son Aiden (age 4) is coloring at the kitchen table (which has had it's pile of stuff that seems to always live there removed), my son Owen (age 3) is watching TV, still groggy from his afternoon nap and therefore in a sweet "I love you mommy" state of mind, and my daughter Olivia (age 3 mos) is in her swing and mostly ok with the fact that I am not holding her at this present moment in time. The counsellor will arrive at our home in an hour and a half. I am earnestly hoping this state of unusual tidiness can carry on for that brief amount of time. I am also hoping that my sons will, miraculously and entirely unlike themselves, behave in a civilized manner while our guest is here. My pessimistic self thinks that in the next hour and a half my kids will go nuts, Olivia will be screaming, some food items will be dropped on my clean living room carpet, and the supper dishes will be nowhere near getting done by the time the doorbell rings. We'll see. But here is written proof, I did clean my house today. I did. Even if it doesn't look like it in an hour.


Amanda Franks said…
Kudos on getting the house clean while your kids are awake! I don't even attempt to tidy or clean until they go to bed. And while the house is in really great shape once they're in bed, it's a mess within 15 minutes of being up in the morning, so really it's only clean while we're sleeping! I can't imagine having so much of the house clean at once, way to go!

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