Blustery Snowy Saskatchewan

Ok people, I am getting very tired of winter. Snow, snow, snow, and more snow. I used to live in BC and there are already flowers blooming there. Beautiful flowers and above freezing temperatures. (Which my friends out there are quick to remind me of.) But no. Here I sit in the freezing cold praries on a blustery sunday morning attempting to get my troops ready for church and watching it snow, for the millionth time, out my living room window. We walk to church and I am already not looking forward to that trek with the stroller. Snow.

Speaking of sundays... I remember when I used to get up with just enough time to get ready and go. You know, those years before kids? When all you had to take care of was yourself? And I always managed to get to church on time, despite the fact that I had been up less than 1 hour. Not anymore. I have been up since 6 am and church isn't until 10:30am. You would think that 4.5 hours would be plenty of time to get ready and get to the church which is about a block away from our house. However, no matter how hard I try it seems that we are always rushing around like crazy people leaving later than we had planned. I blame it on the snow.

By the way, you will all be happy to hear that I convinced my son to take a bath. The germs are gone whether he minds them or not :)


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