There are several things I don't understand. Why do my children go crazy every time I get on the phone? Why will my daughter sleep through my sons yelling and chaos but wake up every time I put her down? Why does everything seem to happen at once? For example this week I am co-ordinating a funeral lunch for my dear friend Becky's (see picture below) newly deceased father-in-law and while I am on the phone asking a lovely elderly lady in our congregation to donate dainties (did you know cookies, cakes, and squares cut up into small bits are called dainties? I had no idea until I became a pastor's wife) my 4 year old son Aiden started using my 3 year old son Owen for a punching bag, my sons both have Valentine's parties at their respective pre-schools that I am supposed to attend and send snacks and valentine's for the entire class for, my baby has a cold, I have a cold, my usually calm son Owen has turned into a screaming defiant monster, I keep stepping on random pieces of lego and that hurts, my usually helpful mother is working every day this week thus unable to babysit for me, my phone won't stop ringing, my husband is working like a mad-man this week (pastor's are extra busy on funeral weeks), we ran out of food and had to do massive grocery shopping and while I was in the store Owen took off running and I couldn't even begin to catch up (luckily he was scooped up before he did any damage), my house is a complete disaster area, I have at least 12 loads of laundry to do and forgot to buy laundry detergent so it won't get done, and on top of all that I have a headache.

I attend a community run mom's group once a week and the social worker who leads it asked us all how we are taking care of ourselves in order to be better mothers.... all I could do was stare blankly at her the only thought in my mind... "ummm". "Well" I say " I ate some ice cream yesterday and that made me feel a little better until I realized emotional eating won't help me lose this baby weight". But seriously, I figure I am taking fabulous care of myself if I manage to shower once a day, eat some food, get at least a couple hours of sleep each night, and not completely lose it on either my neglected husband or my three precious children.

Many of the moms in the group mentioned going out as something they do for themselves. Personally I hate going out. I find it a tad frightening and way more work than I want to do. Everyone has their own issues, mine happens to be "fear of leaving the house with three kids in tow". Luckily I am a mom who happens to not mind staying home a good portion of the time. I like being in my house. It is safe. I know where my kids are and they can't escape easily. All the stuff I need to look after them is easily accessible. My sons know where the bathroom is and go there unassisted. And plus we have fabulous new furniture and I am really enjoying! This is our first matching set of new furniture we have ever had... it's like a pleasant dream seeing stain-free surfaces! Love it.

Anyway, the point is ... I don't know what my point is. What was I talking about anyway?


the Doug said…
I love you.

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