Postpartum Depression

So it seems that I may not have entirely escaped postpartum depression. I have been steadily going downhill for a few weeks now and last week finally realized what was going on. Now, yes, I am sleep-deprived and that could be causing much of my mood. But since I have been down this road before I know that I am not capable of coping on my own.

So I went to the doctor on Friday and she is going to try to get me into an endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in thyroid issues such as I have) but unfortunately we don't have any in Saskatchewan right now so she'll do her best but it could take awhile. In the meantime she asked me to go on an anti-depressant for a 6 week trial. Her theory being if it works then we know it was simply postpartum depression and the meds will keep me sane until it passes and my thyroid medication is doing its job. If they don't work then we know to continue pursuing the endocrinologist route and no more depression meds. I am also going to start in on some counseling with a Christian counselor we have who works with our church. Monday night will be my first session and I am bringing my husband along too. All in all I feel good about this course of action. I am simply unwilling to play the hero and try to fix this on my own. And really, its not too bad right now and I want to do something to prevent it from getting worse. I never want to feel as badly as I felt the last time I had postpartum depression. Just in case anyone out there gets the urge to lecture me about God not wanting me to take meds and if I had enough faith this wouldn't happen and Christians shouldn't be depressed... please keep your well-intentioned comments to yourself. I have heard them all before and feel that God and I are both ok with my present course of action. Thanks.

In other news a family in our church had their house burn down today. They got out with the clothes on their backs, nothing else. Pray for them if you think of them.


Anonymous said…
I think that it is very wise of you to recognize what is happening to you and to seek the help that you need. I will continue to pray for you.

ps. As a pastors wife I dislike Sundays too.
Katherine Heimsoth
Bebemiqui said…
Good for you for being proactive! I'm a firm believer in using whatever resources that God provides for you. My mom struggles with depression and I hated it when she thought taking meds was a "weak" thing to do. She was so much more stable on it!
Amanda Franks said…
I'm so happy you are able to recognize what you are going through and feel content in your course of action, that is really all that matters. I cannot imagine the pain of having my home burn down, I will definitely pray for the family. Take Care!
Judy said…
I'm the janitor at our church. Not a fan of Sunday's either.

I take Paxil. Really, I started taking it because I had uncontrolled Migraines. It worked! I had NO IDEA I had an anxiety disorder which went away (somewhat) because of the Paxil also.

I think it stopped me from climbing up on my chair during 'Praise and Prayer' time and screaming "Why don't any of you people flush?!"

I never stopped believing that God was what I needed. And, He ever so clearly led me to find the help I needed.

(thanks for stopping by my blog!)

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