I love drama... dramatic TV, dramatic books, dramatic movies, tear jerkers, love stories, chick flicks, fairy tales, if it makes me laugh and cry I love it. As long as it has a happy ending... eventually. This is what makes pretend-drama enjoyable. It has a happy ending. And since this is not always true of real life drama I prefer keep my drama in the make-believe.

My husband does not understand my fascination with what he calls "stressful, over-dramatic shows". I don't know why I love shows such as Gilmore Girls and ER and Gray's Anatomy... I just do. They give me a wonderful escape from reality. Instead of crying about stress in my life I can get caught up in someone else's story for awhile. Again, if any of it was happening to me in my real life I would have a complete nervous breakdown. But that, my friends, is the beauty of the situation... it is just pretend! Watching these shows makes my poor husband visibly uncomfortable. But I know many women who love drama as much as I do.

I think we women have a fascination with the stories of other people's lives, fake or real. I read in a book once ( The friendships of Women by Dee Brestin) that this is the reason why so many women are tempted by gossip. We want to connect with the other women in our lives and when we are too afraid to share the real parts of ourselves with them then we resort to sharing the tidbits of gossip that we know of others just to find common ground. Of course this is NOT what we should do as it creates only false intimacy anyway... not to mention being hurtful and against God's specific instructions.

I am currently reading (slowly) a book called Captivating by Stasi and John Eldredge and it has some fascinating insights into the female gender. They give several reasons why we women are fascinated by romance and stories of a grand nature. Basically they maintain that God made us this way so it's ok.

Good to know.


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