I've been thinking about the balance between ministry and family.

Being a pastor's wife is an interesting perspective.

When a family in the church is in crisis of course I want my husband to be there to minister to them. But I also want him to be here with us. My kids need him just as much, in fact more, than our congregates.

Of course I know that God has called my husband to this ministry and called me to support him in that but sometimes I feel like our kids are the innocent victims. I don't want them to feel like everyone else is more important to daddy than they are.

I am blessed to have a husband who is a great daddy and totally agrees with me on this but how do you divide your time between so many needs? It's hard. I don't want my kids to end up hating us or God or the church because of our inability to say no or other people's inability to respect my husband's need for family time.

I suppose it's all about finding that ever so elusive balance.


Anonymous said…
WOW! I am on the same page with you on this. My husband loves his job and at times seems to be having an affair with it. He tries so hard to create balance, but ministry is hard to balance. Are kids are getting older. Jeremiah playing sports this year as made mu husband more aware of the importance of being a dad. He go's to youth events, but i tell him you have to make room for your own children's events! He's a great dad, very affectionate with the kids. Parenting while is ministry is hard, but worth it. Yes, sometimes he's late for dinner or misses dinner all together, but at other times he can take off a hour or so in the day to help me with sick kids at home!

Bebemiqui said…
I think part that struggle for balance for our dear hubby's goes straight back to the beginning. Part of Adam's punishment was the struggle of work and the worth it would have in a man's life. In my life I often take my hubby's struggle for granted. Ministry is a tough one though what with their being no set hours. It's not a job that is easy to turn off.

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