Olivia is 6 Weeks Old!

I took my sweet daughter Olivia to her 6 week check-up yesterday and she is a whopping 11lbs 3ozs now. Time flies. Soon she will have outgrown all the adorable newborn clothes we have been given. Speaking of which I am really enjoying all the girly clothes I get to dress her in. Way more fun than boy clothes! I am trying to enjoy the time I have with my kids. I am trying NOT to concentrate on the fact that my house is a complete disaster and I have mountains of laundry to do. I am trying to ignore the annoying things my kids do (like when Owen fell asleep on the couch yesterday and peed all over) and praise them for the good things they do. I find it disconcerting about myself that I find it easier to concentrate on the negative than the positive. I know some of you are naturally positive thinkers. I am not (those of you who know me will be shocked by that admission I am sure... or not). The point is that my kids are a gift from God and I ought to treat them as such.

However I must admit that this is easier to do when all the other stuff of living doesn't get in the way. My dear mother-in-law was visiting us a couple weeks ago and I must say it was incredible to have that kind of help. I really do enjoy my mother-in-law and I would consider her closer to a second mother than a stranger who happens to have birthed my husband. Anyway she spent the whole time she was here cleaning up. She did all the dishes, she did all my laundry, she even cleaned my bathroom for me. It was amazing. Of course now she has returned to Ontario and I am back to barely keeping up with the mess. Oh well, I won't always have 3 small kids. Someday they will be big kids and then adults and I will likely miss the days of chaos that I have now. I wish we all had the ability to see the bigger picture in our lives so we could discern the things that truly don't matter in the long run. Maybe then I would spend more time praying for my family and less time yelling at them to clean up their messes. Maybe.


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