Three cheers for the TV

I love the TV. I love that it makes my kids happy when I put in a movie for them to watch. I love that while they are entertained I can almost have some time to myself (even if it is in the same room). I love that they stop running and yelling and racing around like crazy people and sit in silence in front of the entertainment box. I love the electronic babysitter. I can't help myself. I would go crazy without it. I could never make it as an Amish mother. Technology is very dear to me.

I know. TV is bad for kids. I know. I even occassionally feel guilty about the fact that my kids are hopelessly addicted to TV. I realize that if I were a better mother I would be teaching them to read right now instead of letting them watch "Finding Nemo" for the hundredth time. I get it. But I can't help it. I NEED the TV.

My only hope is that they are indeed better off, despite their TV addiction, than they would be if I were constantly stressed at them because I never got a break. I try to appease my guilt by encouraging them to watch Veggie Tales and other forms of "educational" and "religious" programming.

Ironically before I had kids I thought I would barely ever let them watch it. I suppose I thought a lot of crazy things about my ability to parent BEFORE I actually had my first child. Reality is a kicker.

I really do love TV.


Amanda Franks said…
(I found your blog through the Browns and so love your candid look at mothering). I too totally love the tv and I only have one toddler and a newborn! I couldn't imagine life without it!!

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