The Sky is Falling

We rented the Disney movie "Chicken Little" for our sons to watch this week - they love it. But as I have been watching it (for the 8th time now) I felt a certain kinship to Chicken Little. Every once in awhile I run around yelling "THE SKY IS FALLING" and everyone ignores me or thinks I am crazy. Of course sometimes I probably AM just crazy but, like Chicken Little in the movie, sometimes the sky really IS falling. Sometimes there really are important things going on and if we don't DO something about it bad things will happen.

Not to compare myself with the prophets but I think that must have been how the biblical prophets felt when they were proclaiming God's words to the people. Basically they were yelling "hey, you need to wake up, the sky is falling- listen up or you are going to get squashed!". And basically everyone ignored them completely. Makes me wonder how often I ignore the warnings God sends my way.

If you have never seen the movie it is actually quite enjoyable. And hey, it gives me hope that God can teach me a lesson using a secular kid's movie. He is not restricted to church or devotional times. God can speak- and does speak- all the time if only I am willing to listen.


Kelly said…
tara, tara, tara! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! can't wait to read all about your life :) do you mind me adding you to my links so i can remember to check back here? and yes, God can speak even through cartoons...haha!

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