The Importance of Friends

I love my friends.

I think I would go crazy without them.

Over the years I have been blessed with many amazing friends in many different places and I just think it is important to acknowledge the gift from God that they are. I must admit, however, that I have found it somewhat more difficult to find good friends (who don't live a zillion miles away) since I became "the Pastor's Wife". For one thing we keep moving. Plus it would seem that I am not what many people expect in their pastor's wife and this makes it hard for them to simply allow me to be me... completely imperfect, fallible, me.

And so I prayed. For years. I prayed that God would allow me to have a real friend who likes me for me and doesn't care if I can play the piano and serve fabulous dinner parties and who won't share my private thoughts with the entire congregation.

And wouldn't you know it? God answered my prayers and sent me not one, but TWO, amazing friends.

My friends Becky and Cecile are my dear friends here in Tisdale. They are a gift directly from God to me. They are friends with me despite the fact that I am their pastor's wife. They allow me to vent and rant and say all sorts of terribly un-pastor's-wifey things. They are the type of friends that every pastor's wife NEEDS in her church. They are willing to allow me to be me and are willing to share their real selves with me too. They are great and I love them.
And so, to all the pastor's wives out there who have been warned against having friends in their congregations (as I was once warned)... don't listen. We need friends too. And it's ok not to be perfect. There are people out there who WILL accept you for who you really are, we just have to be willing to take that risk! It really is worth it.


debrowns said…
I'm so glad you've made some good friends. It took 4 years, but I finally made some too and now I wonder how I ever survived!
Charity said…
I never leave comments, but I found your blog through Amanda's, and have to say that I totally agree with this whole pastor's wife/friend thing!
Amanda Franks said…
Even though I'm just the 'apprentice's wife I totally agree and don't know how I could survive not being myself. I'm so glad you have people to be you around. It's nice to not have to wear a hat all the time.

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