Baby Jesus Who?

This Christmas I learned something disturbing about my family. My son Aiden, 4 years old, did not know who baby Jesus was. He really didn't know. Not a clue. Now, I'm pretty sure we have in fact told him the Christmas story but apparently it did not get through. I guess I won't be applying for the Christian parent of the year award this year. This revelation got me thinking about how I could bump up my sons Christian education. At this point I would like to admit that I have a Bachelor's of Religious Education and I am married to a pastor. The shame. Apparently I know, in theory, how to have great programs for kids and how to pass on the teachings of our faith to others but have massively failed with my own kids.

Anyway, I have decided that teaching at home is simply not enough. Kids need stuff reinforced by other people than their parents. Now this may not be the case for those extraordinary parents who have it all together but for the rest of us who excel in inadequacy we need help.

The logical place for religious instruction would be church. Unfortunately our church has no programs for pre-school kids and from what I hear the program for school age kids isn't that great either. This is not good. I firmly believe that kids are one of, if not the most, important part of any church and if we don't invest some serious time, energy, and resources in them then we will lose them. Right now church is a fun place for my kids because they spend an hour playing with other kids but I want it to hold some greater purpose.

So how does one incite passion in others? How do I communicate the eternal importance of passing our faith on to our children in such a way that makes people actually willing to DO something about it? I don't know. All I know is that whatever it is we are doing right now is not working.


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