Bed Rest and Parenting

Well, here I am... 32 weeks pregnant, on "bed-rest", gestational diabetes, the baby has the hiccups, Aiden and Owen are going nuts, and I feel... yucky. For those of you who don't know, Aiden is my 4 year old son and Owen is my 3 year old son. They have significantly more energy than I do. I love my kids. They are fabulous, amazing and adorable. But wow, can they ever drive me crazy sometimes. I am the only child of a single mother. I really didn't have a whole lot of exposure to boys growing up. So God thought it would be a fabulous experiment to see how I do with two active sons. They are fascinating creatures. And for anyone who thinks there is no difference between the two sexes except what we have trained into them... you're wrong. Boys are just different from girls and that is all there is to it. Not too long ago one of my sons whipped down his underpants and flashed a good friend of mine and said "look, I have a penis!". I never taught him to do this. Not too long after that my other son approached a good friend of mine and asked her where her penis was. I have been assured by my friends with older sons that this is all normal and acceptable behaviour and they will grow out of this somewhat obvious fascination with their private parts. This is a great relief to me. I honestly think my sons are a little sad and concerned for me that I do not have the same... accessories... that they do. Poor mommy.

Now for those of you without children I really have very little that is even remotely intelligent to say. My life is consumed with the daily interactions I have with my children. Sorry. But just wait... one day you are having intellectual conversations about issues and theology and various other adult-type conversations and then you give birth and you are reduced to conversations about bodily functions, cartoons, toys, and tantrums (theirs, and mine). I have learned to accept that, for now, this is my life. I'll just try and enjoy it. Watch out, it could happen to you!

Children are God's gift to us. They teach us all sorts of things- patience, thinking of someone else's needs above your own, unconditional love, how to function on very little sleep. My life is richer for having kids. And despite my present discomfort and annoyance with pregnancy this next addition to our family will also be a blessing.


the Doug said…
I love you, and them.
Katherine said…
Hey Tara, glad to see you made your entrance into the blogosphere.
Katherine said…
Hey I love your stories of the boys. They sound like a lot of fun. I look forword to reading about your life.

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